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Youth Alpha – Youth version of the highly successful evangelisation course. This isn’t a Catholic resource, but is very useable.

Edge (From Lifeteen) – Edge is Lifeteen’s Middle School programme (what we would call Key Stage 3. 11-14, or thereabouts) which is very popular and succesful.

ENERGIZE – Youth Ministry resource from Urban Saints.

ALTARATION: THE MYSTERY OF THE MASS REVEALED – A great new resource from the people who brought us CHOSEN (above). ALTARATION aims at opening up the Mass for Teens.


TRANSFORMED IN CHRIST – Confirmation Programme – Popular two-year Confirmation programme developed in the Diocese of Portsmouth.

Be Revolutionary: A CAFOD Confirmation Resource ‘Be revolutionaries, swim against the tide.’ Pope Francis. CAFOD’s new Confirmation resource is inspired by Pope Francis’ call to young people ‘Be revolutionary’. Read the Confirmation introduction first for an overview of these adaptable resources, with a focus on practical activities and taking action and can be fitted into your existing Confirmation programme.

CHOSEN – Confirmation & Faith Formation Resources – This started off in the US as a Confirmation programme and has developed into another product which is a general faith formation product for teens.


A few great Confession resources – Opus Dei have a great guide to Confession here and the Archdiocese of Newark (US) also have a pdf Examination of Conscience for teens and young adults.

Resources for Helping Children with Special Needs through Sacramental Preparation From Loyola Press.

SITES FOR YOUTH MINISTERS – Huge site for those working with young people in the Church. Jobs, resources, chat boards and more. Includes ‘Three One‘ the free, 40 session resource/ programme for Catholic youth groups. Other resources here. – Big US Blog/ site devoted to Catholic Youth Ministry. Another huge US Youth Ministry site.

Catholic Youth Ministry Federation (CYMFed) – National organisation serving and supporting youth ministry.

(US) National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry – The US version of CYMFed. Their site has some useful stuff.

(US) National Association of Catholic Youth Ministry Leaders – Another US organisation. Some good resources on their site. – Another big US protestant site. Lots of resources, many of which are free. Some interesting articles too.

Youth Specialties – A big US protestant organisation resourcing and supporting youth ministry. Most of their stuff needs paying for, but they have some free resources too, which are quite good. – This site is run by LifeTeen which is a huge US organisation ministering to teens. is their site for youth ministers, teachers and leaders. Lots of useful stuff including training videos, articles, and resources. They want you to spend money on their products, but there’s a lot you can get for free!

Podcast: This Week in Youth Ministry – New weekly podcast from a well-known evangelical youth minister in the US. iTunes link here.


Busted Halo – Brilliant site run by the Pauline Fathers in the US. It’s aimed at Young adults but it is relevant and useful for teens as well. They have articles, resources and lots of videos on YouTube too. Their videos about the Sacraments and their ‘in two minutes’ videos are especially useful.

Lifeteen – LifeTeen is a huge, independent organisation in the US, working with thousands of teens and parishes each year. Their site has some brilliant article for young Catholics on the blog. Also, see the EDGE resources below.

Phat Mass – If you can get past the silly name, it’s actually a really good site!


Beyond Words – Short reflections for teens on the weekly Gospel readings from Mark Hart (‘the Bible Geek’). They stopped producing them at the start of 2015 because they already have a three year cycle. So, you have to work out which one fits the current Sunday. You can do that by using the free ‘Catholic Calendar’ app or something similar.

re:jesus – This is a daily prayer site with lots of useful prayer stuff and other resources. They also have a daily prayer that can be put up on a projector screen for groups.

Sacred Space – Like re:jesus, Sacred Space is a daily prayer site. It’s run by the Irish Jesuits and is also good for large screens and big groups.

Torch – The Dominican Order exists to preach, hence they are pretty good at it! The English province have made a load of their homilies available online, and that’s what the Torch website is all about. So, if you want to get ideas around specific Sunday readings, this is a great place to start.

Universalis – universalis gives you daily Mass readings and the full daily Office of Readings too. You can also get an app which includes the variations for our Diocese.

Salvation History Blog – You’ve heard of Scott Hahn, right? Amazing Catholic author and speaker, who converted from being an anti-Catholic Protestant minister! He is an expert in biblical theology and has a blog where he reflects on the readings each week. Very useful and interesting.

Make Prayer the Fashion – Exciting new initiative from Southwark Catholic Youth Service.

Looking for readings in different languages?  The Vienna International Religions Centre has downloadable, printable sheets of readings for each Sunday in about a dozen different European languages. Great if you’re working with different language groups.


CCLI Top 100  If you’re trying to work out which worship songs are current, check out the CCLI top 100 list This shows you what’s being used in Churches and at events.


CAFOD Staff talk about their Lenten Promises – A great video, which might be good to show your youth group this Lent.

Sounds of the Cross – Moving video from Igniter Media. A great reflection piece around Christ’s death, which you might want to use as part of a prayer or reflection with your youth group around Holy Week.


Youth Evangelisation Resources from Proclaim ’15 – The Youth Ministry workshop (video) and related resources from the excellent Proclaim ’15 conference on evangelisation.

STUMINGAMES : A load of games for Youth Ministry. Some are free, others you have to pay for.

Outside Da Box  Brilliant videos for Catholic Youth Ministry.

CTS Publications for Youth Evangelisation A list of what CTS has on offer that might be useful for young people or youth ministry.

CAFOD Resource: Climate Action Game  It’s a simulation activity designed to help young people think about the effects of climate change on communities around the world.  It is ideally designed for groups of 30 and is a longer activity so 60 minutes+ is suggested.   Everything that is needed to play it is on the website.

Catholic Safeguarding Resource Area  From CSAS (Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service). There is also a section of the site giving guidance on overnight residentials.

Laudato Si video for teens CAFOD have produced a short video explaining Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on the environment to young people.

Useful TED videos Let’s face it, we all love TED talks, right? In this short article, Scott Dougherty from lists a few of his favourites that he thinks are particularly good for Youth Ministry.

Busted Halo Daily Jolt A short reflection/ thought each day from the good people at Busted Halo.

Download Youth Ministry  A great US site with lots of downloadable Youth Ministry resources, including powerpoint games.

Reverb Culture  A Community of young adults, offering programmes, podcasts and other bits and pieces. – This is a movie review site and a movie resources site written from a Catholic perspective. A very good resources for anyone who uses a lot of film in their work.

Faith & Film podcasts  Great resource from our own Bishops’ Conference.

Hermano Leon Clipart – Ever struggle to find good Christian images? Well, that’s because you’re not looking at this site. Lots of free bits of clipart and other images.

Youthwork Summit YouTube Channel – A load of short videos featuring experts in Youth Ministry talking about different aspects of the field. An excellent resource for training and development.

Word on Fire Resources – Bits and pieces from Word on Fire, the outreach run by Fr. Robert Barron. You can also find Fr. Barron’s videos on YouTube here.

VCAT – This site was put together by a US Diocese for the ‘Year of Faith’ and has some quite good catechetical videos, teaching about different aspects of faith. Good to get a discussion going, maybe?

‘Testimonies’ Interesting idea for your youth group? – This is a bit of a craze in big US evangelical Churches. People write something about what their life was like before they found God, and then after. Check out this video on Cardboard testimonies and this one onHand testimonies for some pointers. It’s a simple, powerful idea. All you need is some pens, some background music and some cardboard (or whatever!)

CAFOD Youth Leaders’ Page – You’ve heard of CAFOD, right? Well, maybe you didn’t know that they have a load of resources for young people and youth groups. They also have a YouTube channel with a lot of great stuff.

Christian Aid Collective  All sorts of resources for young people and youth leaders from Christian Aid.

EWTN – EWTN is a huge Catholic TV station based in the US. Their website has lots of resources, including prayers and catechetical resources.

Igniter Media – YouTube channel with lots of really good, really inspiring videos on themes around faith. Great for sessions, prayers, discussion starters.

Youth 2000 Talks – Talks from previous Youth 2000 retreats. A great resource.

Brilliant video about life in a seminary Including some interviews. A brilliant glimpse into the lives of some seminarians in California.

Formed for Love A great resource (combined with some events) aimed at helping educators deliver stuff around the Theology of the Body.

Useful & Interesting Books

(A selection of Youth Ministry – or Youth Ministry related – books that I kinda like)

Tweeting with God  Amazing new resource from CTS. The author answers questions about faith in 140 characters or less i.e. in Tweet format! This is a great resource for young people. There is a short YouTube video here explaining it, and even a free Smartphone app to go with it!

Catholic Youth Bible (St. Mary’s Press) – One of the better Catholic (NRSV) Youth Bibles out there. Amazon link.

Catholic Children’s Bible (St. Mary’s Press) – A good new Catholic Children’s Bible from the above. Amazon link.

Rebuilt: Awakening the Faithful, Reaching the Lost, and Making Church Matter – Total classic. Not specifically YM related, but a must-read for anyone who works for the Church.

Rebuilding Youth Ministry: Ten Practical Strategies for Catholic Parishes – From the same stable as ‘Rebuilt’ comes this brand new book, with lots of good advice.

Divine Renovation: Bringing Your Parish from Maintenance to Mission  Another popular book, similar to Rebuilt, but a bit more descriptive.

Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus – An amazing book, which looks at the process and stages of evangelisation.

Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples – Follow-up to the above.

Youth Ministry 3.0: A Manifesto of Where We’ve Been, Where We Are and Where We Need to Go – A short book by the well respected evangelical youth worker Mark Oestreicher looking at theory, rather more than practice, but still very good and very interesting. You can get it on Kindle now for about a pound, which is a real bargain.

Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church – A well-known and widely referenced book about where the church (evangelicals really) in the US is going wrong. Very applicable to Catholics and to this side of the Atlantic.

Catholic Youth Ministry: The Essential Documents – A collection of Church documents from the US guiding Catholic YM practice.

Renewing the Vision – Important 1997 document from the US Bishops Conference, which built upon and revised an earlier document. Surprisingly clear and useful.

Revealed: A Catholic Youth Formation Ministry Resource – Published in 2008 by the Archdiocese of Southwark, this is a great practical guide to several key aspects of running a youth group.

Mapping the Terrain: Discovering the Reality of Young Catholics – A great piece of research carried out by CYMFed a few years back. Link given is to a very easy-to-read pdf research summary.

Called to a Noble Adventure – Following on from the above, this is a strategy document looking at the direction of Catholic Youth Ministry in England & Wales.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Craft of Catechesis In the early part of the last decade, the Vatican identified three educational institutions who were particularly good at using the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Schoenborn invited three scholars from those institutions (Maryvale, Steubenville and Notre Dame de Vie in France) to write a book about the work of catechesis in the light of the CCC, and this is what they produced. It’s a great look at how to do catechesis and how to use the Catechism. (For those who don’t know the CCC that well, try Ratzinger and Schoenborn’s Introduction to the Catechism)